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A little carpet and rug glossary...

Dealers, do you want to sell your large rugs?

Oriental Rugs Glossary

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The Spanish art of carpet weaving can be traced back thanks to well preserved pieces of evidence in European and American museums. In the 16th century larger quantities of rugs came to Europe from Asia, especially from Oushak. As a result Spanish carpet production covered a wider spectrum. Often you had court-style or Christian motifs finding their way into Spanish rug designs. Towards the 18th century French influences became clearer. Almeria, Cuenca, Letur and Alcaraz became strongholds of Spanish carpet weaving. The Spanish manufactories had their own weaving technique, the so called "Spanish knot". Then later since the 17/18th century the Turkish Goerdes knot was mainly used (which is also used in most of Persian carpet production).

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