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A little carpet and rug glossary...

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Oriental Rugs Glossary

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Mashad Astane Ghods

Mashad (also "Mashhad") is located in North East Persia in the province of Khorassan, the antique name of this city is Sanabad. Mashad is a desired place of pilgrimage, especially for those who cannot afford to go to Mekka. Whoever made it to Mekka is entitled to be called "Haji" wheras people who made the Mashad pilgrimage are entitled to be called "Mashadi". Nadir Shah made Mashad the capital in 1736. The typical characteristics of Mashad rugs are the precise, delicate and fine compositions of the designs and the typical Mashad-red which can be described as a deep dark red with a slight tendency towards purple. Esteemed carpet manufactories were founded in Iran - like of the late great master Makhmal(baf). The tradition of those famous manufactories has been taken on by countless little manufactories now active in Mashad. Mashad Astane is the very large shrine dedicated to the murdered 8th Imam Reza who was buried in Mashad. This complex of approximately 600,000 square meter (6.5 million square feet) is located in the city of Mashad which is one of the holiest cities in the Shia Muslim world. The Shrine of Astane became one of the most significant enterprises of Iran with a board, managers and thousands of employees. One branch of this enterprise solely produces rugs of very high quality which are first put on the floors throughout the complex of Astane and then sold. The quality of its wool material, weaving, colours is considered among the best of Persian rugs and Mashad Astane Ghods carpets are very desired among dealers and private collectors accordingly.

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