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  Name Number Made in Size (in ft) Age GroundColor Item Number Price  
Neo Cassiani™59854Afghanistan6.5 x 2.5newred / green / orange59854US-$ 710Details  
Kilim62005Turkey14.2 x 2.3?ivory62005US-$ 720Details  
Modern Rug Creativity™70923Pakistan10.0 x 2.3newred70923US-$ 740Details  
Berber60100India6.5 x 5.1newivory / white60100US-$ 760Details  
Modern Rug Creativity™70928Pakistan10.0 x 2.4newred70928US-$ 760Details  
Berber60099India6.10 x 4.11newivory / white60099US-$ 780Details  
Modern Rug Creativity™70925Pakistan10.10 x 2.4newred70925US-$ 820Details  
Neo Cassiani™59887Afghanistan7.9 x 2.5newred / green / orange59887US-$ 860Details  
Modern Rug Creativity™70927Pakistan11.6 x 2.3newred / blue / gold70927US-$ 860Details  
Modern Rug Creativity™70930Pakistan10.2 x 2.5newrosé / ivory70930US-$ 890Details  
Neo Cassiani™59909Afghanistan8.0 x 2.6newred / blue / green59909US-$ 900Details  
Modern Rug Creativity™61164India18.2 x 2.7newivory / brown61164US-$ 900Details  
Kilim62107Turkey10.0 x 3.10?white / ivory62107US-$ 900Details  
Kilim62108Turkey9.9 x 3.4?white / ivory62108US-$ 900Details  
Modern Rug Creativity™70924Pakistan11.8 x 2.4newred70924US-$ 900Details  
Modern Rug Creativity™70926Pakistan11.8 x 2.4newred70926US-$ 900Details  
Modern Rug Creativity™70929Pakistan11.6 x 2.5newred70929US-$ 900Details  
Neo Cassiani™59994Afghanistan10.2 x 2.0newred / blue / orange / green59994US-$ 920Details  
Neo Cassiani™59913Afghanistan8.0 x 2.7newblue59913US-$ 940Details  
Neo Cassiani™59942Afghanistan8.1 x 2.7newivory / many colours59942US-$ 940Details  
Neo Cassiani™59904Afghanistan8.0 x 2.8newred / blue / green59904US-$ 960Details  
Neo Cassiani™59908Afghanistan8.0 x 2.8newred / blue / green59908US-$ 960Details  
Neo Cassiani™59911Afghanistan8.0 x 2.8newred / blue / green59911US-$ 960Details  
Neo Cassiani™59912Afghanistan8.0 x 2.8newred / blue / green59912US-$ 960Details  
Neo Cassiani™59936Afghanistan8.3 x 2.7newred / blue / orange59936US-$ 960Details  
Neo Cassiani™59940Afghanistan8.2 x 2.7newred / blue / orange59940US-$ 960Details  
Neo Cassiani™59935Afghanistan8.3 x 2.7newred / blue / orange59935US-$ 970Details  
Neo Cassiani™59927Afghanistan9.4 x 2.5newred / orange59927US-$ 1,010Details  
Berber60097India7.10 x 5.6newivory / gray60097US-$ 1,010Details  
Orléans Nouveau™60016India6.0 x 3.10newrust60016US-$ 1,020Details  


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