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  Name Number Made in Size (in ft) Age GroundColor Item Number Price  
Kazak Homage™63292Pakistan7.0 x 2.3newblue / turquoise / aquamarine / red63292US-$ 490Details  
Kazak Homage™63294Pakistan6.8 x 2.6newblue / red63294US-$ 520Details  
Kazak Homage™63281Pakistan6.8 x 2.6newred / ivory63281US-$ 530Details  
Kazak Homage™63293Pakistan7.1 x 2.5newblue / turquoise / aquamarine / red63293US-$ 540Details  
Kazak Homage™63296Pakistan7.1 x 2.5newgreen / ivory / red63296US-$ 550Details  
Kazak Homage™63289Pakistan7.5 x 2.5newgreen / ivory / red63289US-$ 560Details  
Neo Cassiani™59854Afghanistan6.5 x 2.5newred / green / orange59854US-$ 710Details  
Kazak Homage™63280Pakistan9.1 x 2.7newblue / turquoise / aquamarine / red63280US-$ 730Details  
Kazak Homage™63301Pakistan9.4 x 2.7newdark red63301US-$ 740Details  
Kazak Homage™63297Pakistan9.4 x 2.7newdark red63297US-$ 750Details  
Kazak Homage™63300Pakistan9.4 x 2.8newdark red63300US-$ 770Details  
Kazak Homage™63286Pakistan9.7 x 2.7newblue / turquoise / aquamarine / red63286US-$ 780Details  
Kazak Homage™63288Pakistan9.9 x 2.7newblue / turquoise / aquamarine / red63288US-$ 780Details  
Kazak Homage™63290Pakistan9.11 x 2.6newred / ivory63290US-$ 780Details  
Kazak Homage™63302Pakistan9.9 x 2.7newdark red63302US-$ 780Details  
Kazak Homage™63283Pakistan9.6 x 2.9newred63283US-$ 810Details  
Kazak Homage™63298Pakistan9.10 x 2.8newdark red63298US-$ 810Details  
Kazak Homage™63299Pakistan9.10 x 2.8newdark red63299US-$ 810Details  
Kazak Homage™63284Pakistan9.10 x 2.8newred63284US-$ 820Details  
Kazak Homage™63282Pakistan10.2 x 2.8newblue / turquoise / aquamarine / red63282US-$ 840Details  
Neo Cassiani™59887Afghanistan7.9 x 2.5newred / green / orange59887US-$ 850Details  
Isfahan Revival™58866China10.0 x 2.6newrust58866US-$ 860Details  
Kazak Homage™63304Pakistan9.1 x 2.4newblue / red63304US-$ 870Details  
Neo Cassiani™59909Afghanistan8.0 x 2.6newred / blue / green59909US-$ 900Details  
Sarouk Mir Muse™47224India9.10 x 6.6newred47224US-$ 910Details  
Neo Cassiani™59994Afghanistan10.2 x 2.0newred / blue / orange / green59994US-$ 920Details  
Neo Cassiani™59904Afghanistan8.0 x 2.8newred / blue / green59904US-$ 960Details  
Neo Cassiani™59908Afghanistan8.0 x 2.8newred / blue / green59908US-$ 960Details  
Neo Cassiani™59911Afghanistan8.0 x 2.8newred / blue / green59911US-$ 960Details  
Neo Cassiani™59912Afghanistan8.0 x 2.8newred / blue / green59912US-$ 960Details  


Only the first 2000 carpet results are shown. Please refine your search for more accurate results.

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