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Semi-antique square handmade oversize rug № 59299 Tabriz, ca. 1940 Iran 13.2 x 12.0 feet

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Item Number: 59299
Provenance: Tabriz, ca. 1940
Country of Origin: Iran
Size: 13.2 x 12.0 ft
Made: ca. 1940
Pile: wool
Design: floral and pictorial / allover
Ground Color: red-brown, copper
Knots/inch²: 303
This is a unique handmade / hand-knotted / traditional oriental carpet

The pile of this carpet is made of wool

Perfect condition. animal motifs

This carpet has a total of approximately 6,899,600 knots and it took skilled carpet makers about 9,199 hours or 1,022 working days to knot this carpet.
Price (incl. VAT): US-$ 36,000

Estimated delivery time:
4 - 8 working days

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More about the provenance Tabriz, ca. 1940 | Iran

Tabriz is the capital city of the province of Azerbaijan in North-West Iran. The city was founded by the Harun al-Rashid approx. in the year 800. Since the 17th century Tabriz is probably the most significant carpet-production-center of Iran. The finer Tabriz production is considered the best Persian productions in terms of quality and design.

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