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A little carpet and rug glossary...

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Antique Oriental carpet #42655 Dagestan Caucasus 5.1 x 4.1 feet

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Item Number: 42655
Provenance: Dagestan
Country of Origin: Caucasus
Size: 5.1 x 4.1 ft
Made: ca. 1850
Pile: wool
(warp and weft):
Design: geometric / allover
Ground Color: ivory
Remarks: swastika/prayer rug, minor repairs. This piece has been dyed with vegetable dyes only.
Price (incl. VAT): US-$ 19,500

Estimated delivery time:
4 - 8 working days

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More about the provenance Dagestan | Caucasus

Dagestan is located at the Caspian Sea with the port city of Derbent and the capital Machachkala. Several tribes like e.g. the Lesgians, Chercesses, Darginem. Many Russians have been settled there when Dagestan was still an autonomic Soviet republic. Over 30 languages are spoken there. Rug making has been going on there for many generations already. The designs are often light and fine and create a sort of mosaic character. The clean and and balanced designs as well as the pleasant color contrasts are very pleasant to look at. Often you have star medallions and stylized blossoms. Altogether a fine and valuable Caucasian rug.

The wool of this rug has been dyed with vegetable dyes only which became very rare in Oriental rugs. Since ca. 1850 synthetic dyes found their way into carpet production. Ever since they replaced natural vegetable dyes more and more also due to the fact that the production of vegetable dyes is very time consuming and difficult. But the "aura of genuineness" can be reached to its full extent with vegetable dyes only. Vegetable dyes are made from leaves, flowers, branches, fruits and roots. They give Oriental rugs a particularly harmonic look. In general Oriental rugs "age" better and more beautifully with vegetable dyes than with synthetic dyes plus they increase a carpet's value. Most of today's production is made with synthetic dyes which makes this rug an even more desirable piece. Unfortunately many rugs in the market are being labelled as being vegetable dyed which in many colors is simply not true which damages the reputation of the carpet industry altogether.

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