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Semi-antique square handmade oversize rug Nr. 41876 Joshaghan Iran 14.3 x 13.7 feet

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main view close-up 2nd close-up close up of detail repile
worn area worn area #2 back
Item Number: 41876
Provenance: Joshaghan
Country of Origin: Iran
Size: 14.3 x 13.7 ft
Made: ca. 1930
Pile: wool
(warp and weft):
Design: geometric / medallion
Ground Color: dark blue / navy
Remarks: Oriental design. "Jangal" design, signature: Farmayesh-e-Salar. About 1/5 of the rug has been professionally rewoven
Price (incl. VAT): US-$ 16,300

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4 - 8 working days

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More about the provenance Joshaghan | Iran

Joshaghan is located in Central Persia approx. 10 km off the road from Qum to Isfahan, approx. 100 km North of Isfahan. During the Safavid period court manufactories had their rugs made here, which were some of the best Persian rugs ever made. Joshaghan rugs are easily recognizable because they are only rarely being copied by Indian carpet weavers and also due to the fact that there is little variability with designs and colors. Meymeh, Joshaghan and Khosrowabad carpets represent a group of provenances with very similar designs and colors, being differenciated basically by their level of fineness only. The typical pattern consists of little symmetrical stylized orchids surrounding a stylized medallion in the middle of which you will again find a flower cross. The border usually shows a geometrically stylized Mahi/Herati design. This design altogether is called "Jangali" which means "from the jungle", the reason for which being that orchids are a typical flower of the jungle. Joshaghan rugs are woven with the Persian knot as opposed to the more widespread Turkish knot.

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