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Antique handmade oversized carpet #41149 Ladik Turkey 15.1 x 10.2 feet

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Item Number: 41149
Provenance: Ladik
Country of Origin: Turkey
Size: 15.1 x 10.2 ft
Age: antique
Pile: wool
Design: medallion
Ground Color: salmon
Remarks: perfect condition
This carpet is in perfect condition.
Price (incl. VAT): US-$ 16,200

Estimated delivery time:
4 - 8 working days

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More about the provenance Ladik | Turkey

Ladik is located in West Central Anatolia ca. 40 km north of Konya. Ladik rugs belong to the great traditions of the works of Anatolia. The can be traced back into the 16th century. A Turkoman tribe had settled here and made rugs which can be divided into Prayer Rugs with three gables, Column-Ladiks and Konya-Ladiks. Altogether Ladik rugs are fine and accurately made rugs which are some of the most desired Anatolian rugs.

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